Tymor® - Classic Strategy with Euro Finesse


Welcome to Tymor®...

...a world on the brink of a renaissance, struggling to recover from an ancient cataclysm. Send forth your merchants, priests and soldiers to establish a new kingdom of legend, as the long dark of the world begins to lift at last.


"Tymor® actually delivers"

"Lots of games claim to give you multiple ways to win, but Tymor actually delivers on that promise without overwhelming the players. I got the chance to play this at the Boston Festival of Indie Games and I was really impressed with the quality and depth of the design, from the illustrations and layout to the intriguing seasons mechanics and balance between merchants, priests, and soldiers." - Mark Diaz Truman, Systems Lead, Firefly RPG


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Each copy of Tymor® includes 92 plastic miniatures.

Sample miniature

Sample miniature


Each copy of Tymor® includes the following:

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